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Managua, Managua
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I was contacted by this business for their Tucson Golf Magazine. The claimed they would give me a full page ad in a magazine that was delivered to 10 high end country clubs.

The clubs were mostly public municipal courses. I called a few and they never heard of them. The ad they designed was horrible. They claimed it would be sent to the clubs in December and in February it still was not published.I tried to call and complain and there was never anyone available to talk to.

My salesperson was full of answers but none were substantive.

I think he was just buying time. This is a scam they will take your money and do nothing for you in return.

Monetary Loss: $600.


Malden, Massachusetts, United States #930499

I was recently contacted by someone named Jerry Merino for "The Back Nine" with a very similar proposition. I knew this was probably another scam (from his relentless assertion that I needed to act now) because my company was also recently called by someone else for a different golf country club business directory magazine and we had called those clubs and asked about the magazines, of which they had never heard of. This is a scam no matter what name they decide to call it this month to the next.


They change the name to before they were or, PR Publishing, Mills Media Group inc


now the scam is called they keep changing the website name. is another one


poor, sad, no life, just write inconsistencies .... now a history of dinosaurs. jajajajajajajaja

Riverside, California, United States #650738

they called me too from a Florida number # 1 954 495 9967. They just kept listing the golf courses around my area.

He kept redirecting me to his website , when I questioned him how come they don't have a .com site he started mumbling about corporate blah blah. I was in front of the comp and searched their name , and the scam report first showed nothing else, I asked him about it and then he just hung up really fast.


Country Club LifeStyle magazine contacted me from

Not sure if this is the same company, but they wanted my credit card info without offering an advertising contract or even showing me a hard copy of their product.

When I finally got a Credit card authorization, the phone # they gave me was out of service. the new # on website goes to voicemail.

seemed fishy


I was recently contacted by this "supposed" magazine because they are now targeting high-end cigar lounges. My business is near a lot of affluent country clubs and it seemed liked a good idea, but they couldn't answer any questions or fulfill simple requests like asking to see a recent issue or even a scanned copy of a page via e-mail. (I even called the country clubs they mentioned & most of them never heard of nor saw this magazine.)

I kept calling them out on their BS and without my authorisation they charged my card: once under one business name and then again for the same amount under "CC Nation" when they realised their first attempt to charge failed. After speaking with colleagues all across the US I found they had be targeted in their regions as well.

I called the credit card company & got the charges reversed & afterward had it out with the two idiots I had been dealing with over the course of a week.

While I did report this company to the Better Business Bureau, because no one forked over a physical address and it doesn't exist on their worthless website, the BBB says they can't process my complaint.



Please contact me directly, Glenn Klepchick, COO Golfers Guide Incorporated. 843.842.7878, and we will assist you in Tuscon with our Arizona Book and Representative. We effectively tracked down and shut the organization down with the support of the FT. Lauderdale police department.




I am the COO of the "REAL" and only Copyrighted Golfers Guide Marketing Services, and The Golfers Guide Publication. We have been made aware of the scam and are pursuing the individuals with all the available legal and police resources.

If you have been impacted by them we recommend you call one our Regional Representatives, and or reach out to us through

Regards, Glenn Klepchick


They tricked us to join sooner by stating the publication deadline was coming up in 2-3 weeks - in March. We contacted them several times when publication never came.

They kept stalling each month saying it would be published the following month. They do this stall tactic probably so the time runs out when you can do a credit card chargeback or to report fraud to your bank. They mailed us a few books in July, but we did not see them in the clubs.

Their books don't even have their contact info on them - major red flag.

I suggest to all to contact the local police to report them.

Also, pick up a real golf guide from a golf club and call them if you want to be advertised - that is a safer bet.


I wish you posted this sooner. We got scammed the same way.

BEWARE - 3 weeks after they collected our payment, our credit card had fraudulent activity on it!

They promised the West Chicago golfers guide to be ready by march, but months went by and they kept stalling and promising it would be ready next month, etc. A real company would contact their customers if the publication was going to be late. They sent us a few copies in July - 5 months after promised - but, we visited the clubs and did not see this publication anywhere.

Also, search their address on google - that address and suite number is actually a UPS mailbox location. How do you run a publication business from a UPS location?


I signed up with this company with problems from the very start....never followed up to get my info for the ad after payment (oops), sent me the wrong invoice, sent me blank invoices, never sent me a copy of the mag. Just called around to all the golf courses and none have heard of them.

When they told me they would provide me with the names of the people at the courses that they deal with, they conveniently could not get that info at that time. They are still promising my book will come. HOWEVER, I suggest to all who say you got your book to make sure that, more importantly, the GOLF CLUBS got the books. I still am not 100% on this company but I am def leaning towards scam.

I lost $200 and when I told them I had my lawyer on the other line, they got pretty hot under the collar. We will see how it pans out.......maybe the gold courses just get so many of these 'free' mags that they don't recall this specific one? Maybe they had already run out of this one? Who knows but something smells.

My advice?

Even if this company is legit, the advertising isn't worth it. I have not had one single customer from it.


Today Only for every ONE of yours I will give you 50


When will you stop!!! When is enough enough....Are you willling to lose it all??? Why??

Just STOP!!!!


Mr. Reynolds,

I have one question.

Why didn't you put the name of your company or your phone number so anyone can contact you and verify that your statement and that you are who you say you are is true. Lets be honest and not invent things.


The person writing these remarks is a ex employee named Steven L. Wolf.

AKA Steve Wolfe. From Colorado...Hes a known lyer and a theif. Frank Reynolds the original report here should put his company name and info here to prove he is a previouse client. Tim Brayden what company are you with?

I question your intentions also! You should disclose your info but you cant cause your Steve Wolf a very SAD and childish x employee trying to hurt us. If your mad at the owner you shouldnt lie about us and the company.

Your hurting inocent people. come face to face.........


Have you ever been to a ripoff site where people write good things about a company? Five will get you ten that the two reply's above were written by the accused company. Nice try fellas


I signed up with this company they designed my AD and my wife's AD, we have 2 companies and we received our copies and our Ads look great... I like what they did for us.....


I don´t know what you are talking about. But i signed up with this company.

I got my golfing directory. The are not a scam.


I was also contacted by this company. I didn't sign up because I thought the salesman was too smooth.

I figured he would not get my money.

Sorry it happened to you Frank. You gota be careful out there!!

to Tim Brayden #634228

Without a doubt, is a scam, as are many country club advertising magazines.

Club Advertising is run out of Nicaragua and uses voice over internet phone services to give the appearance that they are out of FLA.

Its management team as well as employees consist of deported street gang members mostly from California and Florida.

Once this class of folks has your credit card number its all over.....Beware

to chris mills #843534

Christopher Mills is the founders for this scam problem. he used to work for a legitimate company in the united state, breaching the company regulations he steal the companies data a personal information to star he's scam call center in Nicaragua.

He's been doing it for 5 year and am surprised this criminal has not been arrested after all this time.

I was able to find out he's location where is got hes fraud call center, is located in Managua city. We have a name and a location, now we need to get the authorities to arrest this criminal Christopher Mills.

to Mary Managua, Managua, Nicaragua #1193152

If this is true why dont you put your contact info here so someone can contact you and help you bring this criminal down! Maybe you are scorned and hurt? Maybe you are making this up in efforts to hurt people?

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